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    Cryptocurrency in Estonia

    Estonia quickly established itself as a leading jurisdiction in information technology and innovative industries supported by a simple cryptocurrency licensing process. It is vital to remark that the blockchain system is a priority and well developed in Estonia. Estonia offers a simple licensing environment with one license for crypto exchange and one crypto-wallet license.

    Service provider of virtual cryptocurrency wallet

    Wallets are digital offline wallet (cold) and online tools (hot wallet) based on encryption with a public key used to securely send and receive cryptocurrencies. The license applies to services in which personal purse keys are created or stored, and the funds belong to the user and not to the service provider.

    Obtaining a single license for cryptocurrency in Estonia allows to provide crypto collar services for both cold and online storage. In addition, the holder of a cryptocurrency license in Estonia may provide the following sub-classes of services:

    Cryptocurrency system

    Alternative payment system

    Wholesale purchase of precious stones, metals and jewelry

      Get your cryptocurrency license

        It is also possible to obtain a license for ICO in Estonia, which will provide certain benefits in terms of compliance with Estonian law.

        The crypto wallet license offers a broader range of possible services

        • E-wallet
        • Crypto exchange
        • Crypto payment arrangement
        • Alternative payment system granting
        • Wholesale acquisition of precious metals and stones, and articles related to them.

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